Janice Gault

Janice Gault

Deputy Chair


Janice Gault

Janice Gault is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin holding a BA Hons and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

She began her career in the handicapped services in Dublin before moving into industry holding a variety of roles in manufacturing eventually specialising in the commercial and customer service areas.

Originally from Londonderry, she returned to the province in 1995 working with John Cleland & Son, a large carton manufacturer and M&S supplier. Her next role was as the marketing director at Odyssey where she was part of the launch team for Northern Ireland’s landmark Millennium Project.

Janice took up the role of Chief Executive with the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation in 2002 and sits on a variety of boards representing the hotel sector. Her role is to represent the hotel sector and ensure their needs are addressed within the civic and political forum.

A keen traveller her hobbies include literature, water sports and travel.