HATS Network | Make it Here! New careers campaign to promote tourism & hospitality

We’re proud to be working in partnership with Tourism Northern Ireland to deliver a dedicated careers campaign to change perceptions of working in our sector and attract and retain more great people.
The Make it Here campaign, which is live now and will run until June 2023, aims to not only shift perceptions of what it’s like to work in tourism and hospitality but also benefit employers by driving an increase in the overall number and quality of applications for roles and helping them retain the good people they already employ.

Campaign toolkit

Employers are encouraged to get involved in the campaign and a dedicated toolkit is available for the first phase of the campaign. The toolkit features the creative assets and suggestions for businesses on how to use these in recruitment to actively promote their vacancies during the campaign period.
A new website www.makeyourcareer.co.uk will showcase the range of careers available and signpost interested applicants to a range of job sites. The toolkit explains which job sites the campaign is signposting to and how you can share your upcoming vacancies. 

Share your stories

People are the driving force behind our industry and we want to encourage more people to make a career in tourism and hospitality. But we need your help!
We are searching for passionate people who would be happy to share their career journey, regardless of the path they took to get here – in fact, the more unconventional the better!
We are particularly looking for:

  • Career switches – were you working in a different sector and decided to switch paths and follow your interests to a career in tourism and hospitality?
  • Work after retirement – are you a retiree that now works part-time as tour guide for example? Ditched the laptop for the bar top?
  • Returners – did you return after a career break and decide to delve into the world of tourism and hospitality instead?
  • Unique & unusual day-to-day – does your job surprise people? Have you turned a hobby into a career in tourism and hospitality?

We would also like to hear what you as employers are doing to recruit and retain great people?

  • Are you doing anything unconventional and innovative? 
  • Why are you a great employer?
  • Have you recently introduced more flexible rotas, new training opportunities, changes in pay/ grading and or /working conditions?

Learn more in an online information session

On 9 March 2023, an online information session hosted by Tourism NI is running between 10-11am where you can find out more about the upcoming campaign, and what it means for your business, where you will:

  • Hear detail about the campaign, website and the timetable of activity to allow your own job adverts and social media to be leveraged alongside the campaign
  • Learn about the dedicated campaign toolkit with all the assets to allow you to capitalise on the key messages and job opportunities
  • Get a first glance at the campaign itself including imagery and tools available to you