Introducing ‘MyTourismNI’: Lunch and Learn Webinar

30th January 2024

Tourism NI presented the webinar on its new E-Learning platform ‘MyTourismNI’ which is a dedicated innovative E-Learning platform specially developed to support the NI Tourism Industry to build expertise, knowledge, competence and confidence.

Free to access, managers and staff can choose from a range of learning modules, covering business-critical topics such as Sales and Marketing, Digital Sustainability, People and Operational Effectiveness. The platform will be going live at 12 noon on Friday 2nd February 2024. 

A demonstration of the platform was provided which included details of how to monitor training progress (for individuals to monitor their own progress and for managers to monitor the progress of their staff) and the onboarding process which is required to be able to register for any of the courses.  The webinar concluded with a Q&A session.

Courses are listed on the platform by topic:

  • People eg Brilliant Basics – Attract, People Insights
  • Sales and Marketing eg Sales Ready 
  • Digital eg Content Creation, Google Analytics for Tourism Businesses, Presenting Your Product Online
  • Operational Effectiveness eg Finance Fundamentals, Business Planning, Streamlining Tourism Processes
  • Sustainability eg Leaner and Greener
  • NI Embrace a Giant Spirit eg Lunch and Learn webinar series

Within each course, there will be modules and indication of the course level and duration of the course. When each module is finished, a badge of achievement is awarded and the e-learning platform will show the percentage of the course that has been completed. Managers will thus be able to monitor the progress of their staff.

Q&A Session

Will there be an opportunity to share stories and images through the platform?

Yes – The pillars can be used as a starting point.

Is it possible to access courses on different devices?

Yes – any screen on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc can be used.

Are any of the courses accredited?

No, not at the moment – but this will be discussed with local colleges in the future.

Is the e-learning platform available to anyone or does it have to be done through a company?

Anyone can use it providing they are onboard and register – either individually or through their manager (who will have access to the profiles and e-learning of their staff members). Registration will be considered case by case as links to HR etc may be needed.

What happens if there are any technical issues when working through a course?

When the system goes live on 2nd February, there will be contact details of technical staff within Tourism NI who will be able to assist with any queries or problems.

For more details and some useful animations on how to get onboarded, please visit  The webinar can be accessed HERE.

To download the step by step guide to signing up to Tourism NI, please click HERE.