New Member Spotlight | B&B Ireland

Business Overview

B&B Ireland is the national organisation for the bed and breakfast accommodation sector. The organisation represents almost 800 families, in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, who operate quality B&Bs in their own homes. It represents its members interests at Government level and promotes the B&B product on the national and international stage online, through the travel trade, and in partnership with Tourism Ireland and Tourism Northern Ireland.

The Bed and Breakfast experience has greatly enhanced visitors’ experience in Ireland. Guests enjoy excellent home-cooked food, and their hosts are happy to advise on local entertainment and visitor attractions in the area.

Guests experience the warm welcome and relaxed pace of life in Ireland while enjoying a unique experience. B&B in Ireland is recognised throughout the world as an excellent means of enjoying total immersion in Irish life and culture.

The B&B product can be booked online on

Importance of NITA membership and a voice for Tourism for our business

NITA is the representative body for the Tourism industry In Northern Ireland. A strong voice for our industry is extremely important so the message from tourism businesses is heard at Government level. The importance of this voice assists the Northern Ireland tourism industry to grow and develop.

The B&B sector is an integral part of the tourism offering for international visitors particularly. The sector deserves to have representation at NITA so Operators views and concerns can be highlighted and addressed by whatever means is appropriate.

Opportunities and challenges do you see your business facing?

The tourism industry in Northern Ireland and across the Island of Ireland has been decimated during the Covid pandemic. The industry is now in recovery, but a full recovery back to 2019 levels will take a number of years to achieve.

The current cost of doing business and inflation levels is very challenging for the B&B sector and the tourism industry as a whole. The impact is higher prices that may affect business levels in the coming year.

The B&B product is in demand because of its unique experience, quality of product and service and will survive to continue to make a very large contribution to Northern Irelands tourism offering.