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What can you expect from your membership of NITA?

You can be involved in NITA membership as much or as little as you want to in many different ways. Membership of NITA benefits both NITA and its members as it is a two-way communication resulting in your voice being heard and valued in Northern Ireland.

Why Become A Member

NITA’s role is to represent our members, ensuring the voice of industry is listened to in order to shape the future growth of tourism and lobbying at all levels of government and beyond. We aim to raise awareness of and contribute to the solution of major strategic issues affecting the industry.

We do this by:

  • Engaging with our membership and stakeholders to better understand the challenges and opportunities within the tourism economy
  • Communicating the importance of tourism as a force for good, driving economic growth and social impact in a sustainable way
  • Challenging and holding to account government, agencies and politicians
  • Influencing and Lobbying at all levels of government – NI, RoI, UK –to shape policy based on industry insights and knowledge
  • Partnering with stakeholders across UK and RoI to drive forward the growth and sustainability of tourism

Membership Reports

Joint NITA/HATS People and Skills Policy Paper

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