Future Borders and Immigration System Update: Youth Mobility Scheme and eVisas

Youth Mobility Scheme

The Youth Mobility Scheme enables people aged between 18 and 30 (35 if from New Zealand) and have £2,530 in savings, to apply for a 2 year visa to study or work in the UK. Visa’s must be applied for at least 6 months in advance and the costs is £298 application fee and £470 Healthcare surcharge. There is no scheme currently in place with the EU and discussions are in progress with EU Commission and individual countries. Discussions have also started with Switzerland. The eligible countries are below:

  • Australia (1 year extension option to be introduced 31st January 2024)
  • Canada (1 year extension option to be introduced 31st January 2024)
  • Monaco
  • San Marino
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand (includes option to extend by 1 year)
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan (Ballot process being removed and numbers increased from 1,500 to 6,000)
  • South Korea (Ballot process in place)
  • Taiwan (Ballot scheme process in place)
  • Andorra and Uruguay from 31st January 2024

Further information is available HERE.


An eVisa is an online record of your immigration status and the conditions of your permission to enter or stay in the UK. You need to register for a UKVI account to view and share relevant information about your status securely with third parties, such as employers or landlords. 

The documents being replaced are:

If you currently have permission to stay in the UK and have either a BRP, a BRC or other physical documents to prove your immigration status, need to register for a UKVI account. This will be required during 2024 and you will be contacted about when you need to register and what you need to do.

Further details are HERE

There will be a further session on this on 16th November about the communication of the requirement and we will provide an update then.

If you have any questions on on any aspect of immigration routes, immigration policy or general comments on process please send through to Joanne Stuart and she will raise directly through the advisory group.