HATS Network | Make it here campaign – Get involved and showcase your vacancies to thousands of career seekers

Get involved

The Make it here campaign, which is live now and will run until June 2023, aims to not only shift perceptions of what it’s like to work in tourism and hospitality but also benefit employers by driving an increase in the overall number and quality of applications for roles and helping them retain the good people they already employ.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved in the campaign.

    Share your stories

    We would like to hear what you as employers are doing to recruit and retain great people.

        • Are you doing anything unconventional and innovative? 

        • Why are you a great employer?

        • Have you recently introduced more flexible rotas, new training opportunities, changes in pay/ grading and or /working conditions?

      If you have a story to share, drop us an email to info@hatsnetwork.co.uk and we’ll arrange a call back – this could be a great PR opportunity for your business!