Make It Here Campaign – Phase 2

The ‘Make it Here’ campaign is dedicated to changing perceptions of working in the tourism and hospitality sectors and attracting and retaining more great people. For more information about the launch, watch the Tourism NI video here.  

Phase 1 of the ‘Make it Here’ campaign was launched earlier this year and was very successful with over 30,000 visits to our microsite. With the launch of phase 2, we need your help!

Our industry has a powerful voice and we need to come together to shout about the vibrant, rewarding careers in our sector.  The TNI campaign toolkit for tourism and hospitality employers provides you with more information along with some of the creative assets we are asking you to use on your social channels and share your upcoming vacancies.  

We want to hear your stories. We are searching for passionate people who would be happy to share their career journey, regardless of the path they took to get here – in fact, the more unconventional the better!   We are particularly looking for:

  • Career Switches – were you working in a different sector and decided to switch paths and follow your interests to a career in tourism and hospitality?
  • Work after Retirement – are you a retiree that now works part-time as tour guide for example? Ditched the laptop for the bar top?
  • Returners – did you return after a career break and decide to delve into the world of travel and tourism instead?
  • Unique & unusual day-to-day – does your job surprise people? Have you turned a hobby into a career in travel and hospitality?
  • Entry level employees – what made you decide to start a career in the sector? How are you finding it?  We would like to share some of these stories with our local media and on digital share, to inspire people across Northern Ireland to consider a job in travel, tourism and hospitality.  

We would also like to hear what you as employers are doing to recruit and retain great people: Are you doing anything unconventional and innovative?  Why are you a great employer? Have you recently introduced more flexible rotas, new training opportunities, changes in pay/ grading and or /working conditions?  We want to shine a light on great examples of Recruitment and Retention across Northern Ireland and encourage others to strive for better.   To find out more about the campaign, click HERE