Titanic Distillers

Member Spotlight: Titanic Distillers

Insight into why Titanic Distillers have chosen to become a member of NITA.

Provide A Business Overview

In the days before Prohibition, Belfast was once the largest producer of Irish Whiskey on the island of Ireland. We want to revive this great distilling tradition and bring Belfast back to the forefront of Irish Whiskey production.

At the same time, we want to tell the story of a glorious past when Belfast led the way globally – not just in shipbuilding but across many areas of industry, manufacturing and innovation. Titanic Distillers is inspired by the people who worked in Belfast’s shipyard more than a century ago – and our vision is that tourists will be able to walk in their footsteps in the very pump-house and dry dock that represent such an authentic part of the Titanic story and indeed the history of Belfast. At Titanic Distillers, we are very aware that we have a big responsibility as custodians of a hugely historic and global brand, and it is crucially important that we preserve the historical integrity of this building and its surrounds. The Pump-house has survived remarkably well for more than 100 years but it is in much need of repair so our first priority is to restore the building and bring it back to its former glory while securing its long-term future.

Describe the importance of NITA membership and a voice for Tourism?

Building restoration work commenced early February 2022 and relationships with our tourism partners are vital. Becoming a member of NITA is a partnership that we see has being pivotal in communicating with major stakeholders across our tourism and travel industry and with one voice for lobbying issues with relevant government funded bodies on challenges, future plans and growth strategies.

What opportunities and challenges do you see for 2022?

2022 is such an exciting year for us as we open our doors to customers from home and across the globe.

Our industry partners are so important to us in assisting us to get our message across that ‘We are open for business’

At the end of the Maritime Mile ( or the start …) whichever way you see it will be Titanic Dock and Pump House with a working whiskey distillery and we see this as a great opportunity in sharing the story of Belfast back when Titanic was being built.

There will be whiskey tasting , historical tours , evening events , private tours , private hire the list is endless – everyone will be welcome to our amazing authentic visitor attraction.

Obviously the challenges are the same as the rest of the tourist and hospitality industry have had to deal with over the last 2 years and we like our colleagues in the industry want to see more normality for travel and tourism recovery within our fabulous Country.